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Key for programme sessions...



Real World Solutions


O365 Solutions

09.15am - 09.45am

Welcome Address & Opening Keynote
Innovation & Disruption – The Future of ECM
Peggy Winton - President, AIIM

09.45am - 10.15am

Tea & Coffee

10.15am - 10.45am

Case Study: Information Without Boundaries - The Future of ECM Roundtable: Why Inline Intelligence Matters? Case Study: Exploiting Office 365 for Digital Matter & Case Management: A Transformational Journey for Law Firms and Legal Teams

10.45am - 11.00am

Comfort Break

11.00am - 11.30am

Case Study: eForms & Tablets Roundtable: Mastering the Challenge of Unstructured Data Case Study: Streamlining Inherited Capture Silos

11.30am - 12.00pm

Tea & Coffee

12.00pm - 12.30pm

Lunchtime Keynote
Through the Years and By the Numbers: A Community on the Move
Peggy Winton - President, AIIM
Atle Skjekkeland - Senior Vice President, AIIM

12.30pm - 13.15pm


13.15pm - 13.45pm

Case Study: Humanizing the Digital Experience with Swiss Re Roundtable: How to Fast-Track the Implementation of Enterprise IT? Case Study: Join the Restore Conversation: Could a Robot do Your Job?
Atle Skjekkeland - Senior Vice President, AIIM

13.45pm - 14.00pm

Comfort Break

14.00pm - 14.30pm

Case Study: From documents to insights. Empowering end users to capture document information into Office 365. Case Study: 3 Simple Steps to stay compliant with GDPR Case Study: Where do I start? What should I do next? – A structured methodology to Information Management projects

14.30pm - 14.40pm

Comfort Break

14.40pm - 15.10pm

Case Study: Artificial Intelligence in ECM – A new frontier Case Study: Using Deep Learning to Achieve Real Straight Through Processing Case Study: Office 365 & GDPR – What You Need to Know Today

15.10pm - 15.30pm

Tea & Coffee

15.30pm - 16.00pm

Case Study: Driving Engagement with Enterprise Software Case Study: Security Incidents & Unwanted Attack Vectors Case Study: The Power of Information Management as an Agent for Business Transformation

16.05pm - 17.00pm

Europe, Privacy & the New General Data Protection Regulations - Panel DiscussionInformation and Compliance Management
Invited Speakers from various industry sectors discuss Brexit & GDPR - Chaired by Atle Skjekkeland, AIIM Control of Documents and Data at Crossrail

17.00pm - 17.30pm

Drinks ReceptionWomen in Information Management Drinks Reception
Peggy Winton - President, AIIM