Alan Pelz Sharpe

Founder, Deep Analysis

Alan Pelz-Sharpe is the founder of newly minted industry analyst firm Deep Analysis. His 25 year ECM career has encompassed both consulting and analysis work. For several years Alan ran the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) consulting practice at Indian outsourcing firm Wipro and began his career with 10 years as a freelance consultant in the Oil & Gas sector. Though trained as an analytical psychotherapist he ended up analyzing technology instead. Moving to the Boston area in 2002 to run the North American division of research firm Ovum where he remains based. Alan has published countless reports and articles over the years on ECM related topics and is regularly quoted in the press including Techcrunch, Wall Street Journal and The Guardian and has appeared on the BBC, CNBC, ABC as an expert guest.

Session Details

Innovation & Disruption – The Future of ECM
09.15am - 09.45am

The ECM world may be changing but it’s definitely not going away. The need to securely and intelligently manage information and the need for skilled information professionals remains a real and growing need. Even so, the traditional tools and strategies we use today are being contested and new approaches are emerging. We already see this in the transformation of Microsoft’s Office products, the continued rise of file sync and share systems and though its early days yet, the arrival of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to the picture. In this keynote address, Alan will lay out what these changes look like for you and highlight new opportunities and the challenges emerging for you and your organization.  

Artificial Intelligence in ECM – A New Frontier
14.40pm - 15.10pm

How the use of intelligent capture technologies can cut costs, improve quality and enhance operational SLA’s (Service Level Agreements).